And then follow the instruction as you have come across

Apple’s ultra-thin aluminum keyboard is regarded as one of the best looking keyboard and is best since it is a USB device. There is no print screen option on Apple keyboard, so you can use the Eject keys for the purpose of print screen as the eject keys have no function on Windows Operating system.

Try to plug the USB Apple Keyboard to the USB port of the Windows Computer and disconnect any other keyboard attached to the computer. Download the Key Tweak software to remap the keyboard and then install the same. But this doesn’t mean that this is impossible as there are certain ways you can attach the same by following a proper technical guide given by the online tech support sites. To remap the keys, you need to repeat the steps for each of the keys and the functioning of the same to be assigned as some other key or function.You have to follow the same rule for every key that you want but make sure that you have taken advice of the professionals that give remote computer repair services. 1. You will come across “half teach mode” on the button of the computer screen, click on it and then click on “Scan a Single Key”.

The drivers will get installed automatically and the number and the letter keys will work the same way in which the windows Keyboard used to work. This feature of the keyboard makes its easy to be used on Windows without any hitch. You can learn about them from the computer technical support sites. Once you turn on the computer, your system will recognize the device that is running on any of the one – Windows XP, Vista and 7.However, you use a keyboard mapper device to redesign the keys and the functions over the keys that have lost the functionality when connected to the Windows PC.

And then follow the instruction as you have come across the computer repair sites. There is Keyboard mapping applications that are available online on some of the online technical support sites which you have to download on Aluminized pet film Manufacturers your PC. In order to run the software on the windows, you need to follow certain steps.2. 5. You need to check the compatibility between them by visiting computer support websites that will specify all the details to you. But the users may find it bit difficult while handling the keyboard as there are subtle difference between windows and Apple keyboards.Problems occur when you intend to use a hardware device running on one OS in some other OS. 3. This is because as both of them are configured differently.4.Mac or Apple hardware are made in such a way that they are compatible with their domain operating system, like Mac hardware are supported by Macintosh operating system only. But you may connect it to Windows even and the online computer repair companies are going to help you to ensure the same.

. Press the key that you want to remap. Installing Apple Aluminum Keyboard on a windows PC is not a matter of great concern